Camec Spacesaver Pots & Pans Stainless Steel

Price $148.90

CCM 7061


When you travel, storage is something everyone takes into account, Camec’s new range of stainless steel pots are a huge space saver for caravaners and campers alike. Featuring three stainless steel pots, and a nonstick stainless steel fry-pan. Designed to bring you the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency, without sacrificing on performance. Our new range can be used with gas cooking (not an open fire), induction and are oven safe to 260 degrees.

Each pot is designed to sit neatly within the next. This feature turns three pots into one compact unit, saving you valuable space in your cupboards, or vehicle. With a removable / interchangeable handle you also save space on your cook top.
- Removable Handle
- 3 stainless steel lids for the pots
- 3 plastic lids for the pots (for storage)
- 1 stainless steel fry-pan lid
- Non stick fry-pan surface
- All pots feature internal measuring indicators
- Pot Size: 16 x 8cm, 18 x 9cm & 20 x 10cm
- Fry-pan Size: 24 x 5cm
- 12 month warranty