Ground Dog Screw in Peg with Hook Collar x 1

Price $19.99

CCM 6915


Ground Dog screw in pegs allow you to quickly and reliably secure your camp set up. Ideal for your motorhome and caravan awnings, gazebos, tents and anywhere that a secure anchoring is required

Effective in a wide range of ground types from hard ground to grass covered sandy soil.  The ability to use a drill to screw the pegs into the ground makes it easy and quick to set up, and pack away camp. It’s design and key features make this a peg like no other.



High Quality Marine Grade Stainless Steel 

The Ground Dog screw in pegs are made from a high-quality marine grade stainless steel material ensuring they will not rust after a few uses in the ground. They are very strong and are easy to get in and out.


       250mm Long 

At 250mm long, the Ground Dog screw in pegs are just the right length to suit all types of ground. This means 

you don’t need different length pegs for different applications. Less to carry and less weight!


 Special Shaped Thread and Tapered Shaft 

Ground Dog screw in pegs are tapered and have a special shape thread cut into the shaft. The fluting is wider and longer so they drill in and hold firmly in a wide range of soils. Left thread, they hold fast and don’t pull out during strong and constant winds.


 19mm Hex Head 

Ground Dog screw in pegs have a 19mm hex head, which makes screwing in the pegs easy and fast! The 19mm 

head fits a 19mm socket and drill adapter which fit both the Ground Dog screw in pegs, and the stabilizer legs for caravans – this means you only need to carry one size!



Top Thread 

The thread stops just 20mm short of the top of the Ground Dog screw in peg, this allows more thread in the ground for strength but also so you can easily swivel the collar around the peg to get it in the correct position to hook on the High Viz Tie Down Strap.


 Hook Collar 

The Hook Collar is an awesome feature that comes with the Ground Dog screw in peg, it can be used with our high viz straps and safety spring. The hook collar is an adjustable locking nut that can be varied to suit the depth of the ground. If you can only get half the peg into the ground, wind down the locking nut to make it just as effective, so you don’t have to have the peg all the way in.

Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 28 × 7 × 4 cm