Kovea Stove Solo

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CCM 6094


Boil time: 4 32 (1 litre cold water 15oC 96oC)
Room condition 24oC / Fuel: KOVEA Gas (KGF-0230)
Small size pan support with guide groove will help stable position
Efficient burner will make large flame
Aluminum valve makes it lighter
Convenient push-button piezo ignition built into valve


Dimension: 57 X 57 X 100mm (Inner Box)
Weight: 124g
Ignition: One-Touch Piezo Type
Fuel: Iso-Butane (Screw Type Gas Canister) Butane (Nozzle type gas canister)
Consumption: 137g/h (1,621kcal / 6,434BTU / 1.88kW)