Origo 2 Burner Meths Cooker

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CCM 2039


Origo 3000 is the classic double-burner, free-standing marine stove which is suitable for all kind of boats. The units are usually mounted on gimbals that provide a level cooking surface.

High heating power combined with ingenious design makes cooking on this unit safe and simple.

Compact design easy to stow away
High cooking power on all plates fast, flexible cooking onboard
Easy access to the alcohol fuel containers makes filling simple
Durable with few parts to break down.
Easy to clean stainless-steel surface.
Pressure free alcohol offers a safe way to cook on board.
Gimbals (sold separately) maintain a level cooking surface in rough seas.


Energy source Alcohol
Number of hobs 2
Height (mm) 137
Width (mm) 464
Depth (mm) 262
Depth incl. knobs (mm) 277
Cooking power (BTU/hr/W) 7,000/2,000
Dimensions with gimbal (HxWxD) (in/mm) 9.00/228 x 20.06/510 x 10.31/262
Weight (kg) 6.3
Fuel capacity (l) 1.2
Burning time (max. power) (h) 4.5
Boiling time approx. (1l/water) (min) 10