Kerosene Burner 207

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CCM 3414


Kerosene Burner 207
This all purpose Kerosene Burner can be employed with the classic heaters and stoves by OPTIMUS, TAYLOR's or GENIOL without any difficulty.
The core burner is newly designed, made and tested in Germany.
Corpus and interior parts are all made from brass, capping and splint from stainless steel.
We supply the burner complete with:
a splint for the hand valve,
gasket kits for OPTIMUS, TAYLOR, GENIOL and others,
the manual and installation guide.
Every burner is tested thoroughly before shipping.
Burner 207 suitablr for Optimus 55/155, 154, 5R, 7, 535 and others.
Primus 535 Primus 535
Radius 250 Radius 250
Svea/Sievert Svea / Sievert & Taylor Stoves.