Primus Optimus stove - Premium Service Kit 210 00

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CCM 2461


Optimus Primus etc Stove Service Kit . A comprehensive kit for the classic 1 pint / .6L stoves No:00, No:210 etc & many of the variants from other makers. Made from superior materials.


Kit contains:
Premium leather pump washer - od14mm
VITON filler cap washer od18/id10mm
Asbestos-free Burner Washer x 2 od19/id13mm
VITON non-return valve (NRV) 4.5mm pip
HDPE external NRV washer - od12/id7.5mm
Lead tank/burner washer - od12/id8mm
VITON reserve cap for tank or pump mounted caps - Ø13mm
VITON reserve Cap for chain mounted caps od18/id10mm