Optimus No:111 & 22 Service Kit

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CCM 1694


ervice Kit for the older Optimus 111 & 22 & 111B & 22B
PLEASE NOTE: These stoves, especially the 111 were available of a long period of time with several variants including the modern 111C & 111T. This service kit is for the older models distinguished by the safety release valve on the filler cap having a slot for a flat-bladed screwdriver & the valve screwing right down. The seal sits in a brass holder. The NRV (non-return valve in the pump also has a brass holder for the seal

Later versions required a special tool to set the valve & the seal was moulde & sat directly on the pressure spring. The pump non-return valve on later stoves also had a similar set up with moulded pip. We do not currently do a kit for the later versions but the small pump leather cup, filler cap washer & external NRV washer are available.

The kit contains:

Pump Leather
VITON Filler Cap Washer
Lead NRV Washer a
Spiritcup Washer (not on all versions.)