Water Strider Kick Boat WS24X Blue

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CCM 4126


Water Strider Kick Boats provide the ability to fish a wide range of waters effectively, individually and safely, with extreme portability and ease of setup.
With a Water Strider you can row using drift boat techniques on swift waters, you can hold position with over-the-boot fins leaving your hands free for fishing, you can stand in shallow waters at a moment's notice, you can cast to just about any point you want, and you can fish the fringes from the water side where fish perceive you floating and less of a threat.
Water Striders pack down into light, compact airline baggage including oars, backrest, stripping apron and pump - with room in the carry bag for fins, waders and more. You can take your boat with you any place in the world and have the comfort of your own familiar boat on new and unfamiliar waters.
Inflation Valves - The raft air valve system is an industry-standard commercial Halkey-Roberts valve that will stand up to many years of dependable use.

Air Ride Seat - This is at the heart of Water Strider success. Developed in 1998 to replace the original board seat, and patented, the air-ride seat is superbly comfortable, it is self bailing and under service conditions it adds 60 kg flotation to the raft for load carrying capacity and safety. Because the raft sits higher in the water you ride over more just-submerged obstacles, you get more stability and you get significantly better performance speed in calm water, and maneuverability in fast water. These benefits are important because they give you more tolerance in difficult situations. Because the air-ride seat is inflatable, the raft packs down significantly smaller and lighter.

Equipment Straps - Two equipment straps alongside the seat are fitted to keep your gear in your boat and out of your way for quick-water maneuvering. You can slip your fully rigged rod under a strap at a moments notice, navigate a rapid and be back on the job fishing again without missing a cast.

Oar Locks - The oar locks are designed to hold the oars captive with stainless steel pins to prevent oar loss and keep the oar blades at the right angle at all times. Stowing the oars so they are not dragging in the water when not in use is as simple as reaching forward and giving the grips a little twist. The oar retaining nuts are attached with robust lanyards.
3-piece Oars - these oars are of double strength anodized tubing and have two slip joints so each piece is short enough to pack down with the boat inside the back pack carry bag. The oar blades are exceptionally strong and will not break.

Stainless D-rings D-rings (and all metal fittings) are made of stainless steel and you dont have to worry about the effects of salt water. There are 12 D rings fitted. Large D s at bow and stern allow attachment of mooring lines. They also are used for tying down expedition gear together with the two Ds in front of the footrest, the two Ds on top of the stern tube and the two rear Ds on the internal carry handles. The three Ds at stern are also used to secure the optional motor mount, and the two Ds on top of the stern tube fit the two snaphooks fitted to the included dry-bag.

Handles - There are strong rubber handles fitted to the boat either side of the seat and placed for optimal balance when lifting the raft you just stand up and move it around.

Stripping Apron - The stripping apron attaches to four Velcro pads and stretches across your knees. The edges are folded over and form a basket to hold your line from slipping into the water around your legs or anything else for that matter. And it is very handy for holding a snack when youre having too much fun to get off the water.

Foot Rest - A foot-strap snaps onto the raft for getting your legs out of the water for rowing
Back Rest - An inflatable, adjustable backrest is provided for comfort and back support while floating.

Carry Bag - The carry bag doubles as a large back-packable dry bag. When not protecting your Water Strider raft off the river it is clipped to the raft on the river and holds up to 90 L of your equipment secure and dry, even when immersed (make sure the bag is closed properly before trying this!).
Check out the Water Strider Kick Raft advantages:

FOLDABLE Fully featured, expedition tough fishing rafts fold into airline baggage!

COMFORT Adjustable inflatable seat and backrest

CARGO You can carry the kitchen sink! Capacity for a large drybag both front and rear.

LINE SUPPORTS Plenty of attachments for tethers etc

COLOURS Available in red or grey

SAFETY 3 separate air compartments + backrest. In the unlikely event of a puncture you can still navigate to shore for a field repair.

ACCESSORIES 3-piece split oars, back rest, stripping apron, foot rest, Bravo 1 bellows foot pump, carry bag (which is also a large drybag with shoulder straps), owner's manual and repair kit included.
The Water Strider kick boat in non-commercial use are guaranteed for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship found during the warranty period will be made good by supplier at no cost, provided only that the boat is returned to the nearest world-wide repair station, freight paid one way. Call the dealer from whom you purchased the boat.
Water Strider inflatable fishing rafts are constructed from a heavy duty, light weight, polyurethane-alloy boat material designed by a leading world supplier specifically for this craft. It has 1100 dtex Polyester reinforcing, is exceptionally strong and hard wearing, and is UV protected to withstand extreme exposures.

All air chambers are 100% heat welded and sealed.

D-ring and rope-holder fittings are welded.
Colour BLUE

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Water Strider Specifications

2.35 m / 7' 8"
Beam 1.25 m / 4' 1"
Tube 33 - 43 cm / 13 - 17"
Air Chambers 3 + Backrest
Crew 1
D-rings & Attachments 14
Load 230 kg / 510 lbs
(including accessories) 14 kg / 30 lbs

Size Rolled & Packed

(including accessories)
65 L / 2 c.ft

Outside: Polyurethane Alloy

Inside: Erez boat Pvc
Colours Red

Your Water Strider will come with
incl.: Seat with backrest, Equipment straps, Oar Locks and 3-pc. oars, Stripping Apron, Foot rest, Foot Pump, Repair Kit & Carry Bag

Optional Extras

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