Hand K-Pump K100, USA

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CCM 3057


Outfitters attest that the K-Pumps are built to last, easiest to use, a snap to stow and simply the best manual pump available. Made of specially formulated ABS, they are designed for outdoor use where extended exposure to the elements can be critical to longevity and performance. Careful attention was directed at the ergonomics of design so that the pump is "unchallenged" for easy use and efficiency.

K-Pumps are designed to address, with ease, most contempory quality valves such as Halkey-Roberts, Leafield and AD-2. The pumps come with adaptors that make them work on "Boston" and "Summit" valves. And if you have an inflatable that has the "reliable" but outdated military valve, you can special order models 100 and 200 specially modified to accommodate your need.

Because K-Pump models are designed w/o hoses they are streamlined, compact and have no issues with leaks or blockages cause by kinks. Best of all they can always be operated by one person and easily stowed, taking up minimal space yet remaining readily accessible.

Ergonomics was given special attention in the design of all K-Pump models. They have a specially designed handle that is comfortable, even over extended periods of usage. Being able to stand upright greatly contributes to the comfort and ultimately greatly reduces fatigue; a priceless advantage for those who suffer back pain! They are simply effortless to stroke!


The model K100 is without doubt the most compact, easy to use, high volume pump you could ever own and only weighs slightly over 2 lbs. If you value space and stowability without sacrificing performance, this is your pump. It easily outperforms foot pumps and the standard two way barrel pumps in volume and ease of operation. The model 100 has fast become a favorite with a wide range of users such as: inflatable kayakers, float tubers, pontoon boaters and yacht tenders. With the included adaptors you can use the pump on most air mattresses as well. If you are searching for a pump that is: very compact, easy to stow, high volume, easy to operate and very durable, this pump's the best value for your money. Dont buy ANY pump until you have compared it to a K-Pump...
or small boats needing higher pressures and minimum fuss.

No hose or adapter needed.

Single acting 1.2L pump, easy stroke.

550mm long, 65mm bore.

Very robust.