K50 Pacific 2 person Expedition Sea kayak

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INCEPT inflatable sea kayaks pack into light, compact airline baggage including kayak spray-skirts, seats, pedals, rudder and pump. Imagine being able to take your sea kayak with you any place in the world and having the comfort of your own familiar boat on exotic waters.

With 6kph touring speed, and handle surf launchings and landings, your Pacific is fully featured to take you anywhere.

INCEPT sea kayaks are designed with special attention to primary and secondary stability, and to the hydro-dynamic flow around the stern which is the major contributor to speed performance. The uniquely shaped side sponsons and inflatable floor are carefully integrated resulting in long life, excellent performance, good stability, good tracking and top handling qualities.
Construction & Materials
INCEPT inflatable sea kayaks are constructed from a heavy duty, light weight, Polyurethane-alloy boat material designed specifically for INCEPT. With 1100 dtex Polyester reinforcing it is exceptionally strong and hard wearing, and is UV protected to withstand extreme exposures.

All air chambers are 100% heat welded and sealed.
D-ring and rope-holder fittings are welded.


Length 5.35 m
Width 0.67 m
Tube 0.13 x 0.25 cm
Cockpit dimensions 71 x 44 cm
Air chambers 3 + 6
Operation pressure 5.0 psi
Number of persons 2
Loading capacity 240 kg
Packed volume 90 l
Packed size in bag 80 x 40 x 40cm
Cargo capacity / volume 129 l
Weight 22 kg
Cruising speed 6 kph
K50 sea kayaks include:
- two adjustable inflatable seats
- two footrests
- external grab line
- rudder detachable high-tech foot controlled