Sevylor Colossus 2-Person Boat with Oars

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Easy to manoeuvre

Pack the fun of a boat without taking up all that room in storage and transport when you explore the water in a Sevylor Colossus 2-Person Boat with Oars. This two-person inflatable watercraft deflates and folds up easily - giving you more room for extra gear in any car or truck. The set includes two oars specially designed to make rowing easy. When youre ready to rest, the oars will stay in place with two attached oarlocks. With heavy-duty PVC, the boat is durable enough to get through some of the strongest currents, plus the three separate air chambers offer added protection in case you get snagged. Get yours now and enjoy your day on the water.

Sevylor Colossus 2-Person Boat with Oars Features:

Two oars included, specially-designed for easier rowing
Two oarlocks keep oars in place even when you let go
Heavy-duty PVC construction
Front grab line to easily carry boat over shallow areas
Three separate air chambers for added protection in case of snag
Airtight System Guarantee
Double Lock Fast Valve makes quick work of inflation and deflation
Two-person capacity, up to 435 lbs. (197.31 kg) of total support
Inflated dimensions: 7 ft. x 3 ft. 11 in. (2.13 m x 1.19 m)
NMMA-certified using ABYC standards