Outlaw N25 Renegade Blue

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The most anticipated range of pontoon boats in two decades.
The Outlaw slides across the water effortlessly making the eddy lines, technical whitewater and big white caps a snap. Its low profile handles the wind better than any other pontoon craft. In short it just does everything right.

Frameless convenience

Outlaw Renegade is the 2.5m frameless cat, completely self contained. Inflate, attach oars, snap on seat and footrest and launch. Plenty of capacity for one person and gear.

If you want a boat that tracks well and is more suitable for lakes and rivers with long calm stretches rather than primarily a whitewater craft, then Renegade is the one for you!
The Renegade includes:
2-part oars
Foot bar
Seat with backrest
Carry bag
Foot pump
Repair kit


Length 2.50 m
Width 1.44 m
Tube 38 cm
Air chambers 2 + 1
Operation pressure 3.0 psi
Number of persons 1
Loading capacity 230 kg
Packed volume 50 l
Weight 12 kg

Optional Extras

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