Truma Water Heater Gas/Electric 14 Litre

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CCM 3040


Showering, dishwashing, washing your hands - the Truma UltraRapid Hot Water System HWS provide a reliable supply of hot water in leisure vehicles. Truma has now taken the development of the well-tried Boiler further and adapted it to the continuously increasing demands of the standards. The new Truma UltraRapid HWS impresses with increased heating power, compact dimensions and new black design.

Stronger heating element: 1415 W (240 V) instead of 925 W (240 V) for shorter heat up and reheat time.
Space saving dimensions (same foot print like the Boiler) and less weight than competitor products.
All fittings included are JG push-in connections for easier and faster installation.
Modern design with black housing and black control panel.
Improved corrosion resistance due to design and production change of the heating element and the water tank.
Extended warranty period of 24 months
2 year warranty.


Brand: Truma
Contents: 14 Litres
Pump Pressure: Max 2.8 bar
System Pressure: Max 4.5 bar
WaterMark Certified
Connection: Pressure resistant hot water hose - 12mm rigid pipe
Test Point Pressure: 2.75 kPa
Nominal Input: 4.7 MJ/h
Heat Output:4.1 MJ/h
Gas Consumption: 90 g/h
Power Supply: 230 V / 240 V AC, 50 Hz
Connection: 12 V DC + 230 V / 240 V AC
Output Power: 1300 W (5.7 A) / 1415 W (5.9 A)
Heating up 230 V / 240 V: 1300 W (5.7 A) / 1415 W (5.9 A)
Ignition: 0.17 A
Heating Up: 0.08 A
Stand-by: 0.04.A
Heating Up Time: Mixed 28 min, Electrical 40 min , Gas 45 min approx
Weight: 7.2 kg
Shipping Weight: 9.60 Kgs.
Shipping Dimensions: 42 cm x 34 cm x 38 cm.

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