Dometic 510H Traveller Holding Tank Toilet

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CCM 1180



The flush water for the Traveller is drawn from an independent pressurised water supply. The Traveler conserves water efficiently while flushing into a permanent holding tank completely each and every time.

Material Difference Made from the highest grade vitreous china
Traveler 500 toilets surpass their plastic counterparts. Porcelain gives the toilet bowl a tough, long lasting finish inside and out that retains its shine year after year. Thats because its nonporous surface wont scratch, stain, rust or fade.

European Styling: provides comfortable seating height and a deep bowl

Water efficient: Water level adjusts with a simple lift of the handle to ensure precise control and smart water usage. Powerful flushing system uses about a 0.5L of water for each flush.

Anti splash: rim design helps prevent spills.

Superior function: the exclusive self cleaning ball with teflon seal locks out holding tank odours and ensures fresh, clean operation.


Waste tank capacity dependent on your blackwater tank capacity
Flush-water tank capacity dependent upon vehicles central watertank as toilet uses your RVs pressured water system
Flushing system manual foot pedal flush
Colour White
Dimensions (mm) Traveller 510H: 388W x 521D x 477H; Traveller 511H: 388W x 521D x 372H
Seat height (mm) Traveller 510 (standard) 445H; Traveller 511 (low profile) 340H
Weight 15kg
Warranty 1 year