Maxview Crank Up Satellite Dish

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This Roof Mounted Satellite Dish for the ultimate Satellite TV reception for your Motorhome and Caravan. The Maxview Crank Up Satellite Dish is quick and easy set up with the ease of being able to use the ergonomic handle and the low stream line profile with a dish which cranks down to 170mm. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your favourite Freeview TV programs from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Roof mounted allowing you to crank up your satellite in the comfort of your vehicle.
Larger 55cm dish made out of high quality aluminum
Lightweight durable dish forweather capability and better reception.
High quality, durable and proven mechanical design for reliability and performance
Optimised aerodynamics only 170mm high in park position
Superior locking system
High quality single LNB frequency range 10.75 GHz
Separate plate installation for a more secure weatherproof installation.
'Easy adjust' manual skew system
Includes satellite compass to help you locate satellite position quickly and easily
Easy to use locking device.
3 year guarantee

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LNB frequency 10.75 GHz
Dimensions (mm) 170H folded down, 960H raised
Weight 10kg
Warranty 3 Year