Reversing Mirror Screen & Reverse Camera

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See clearly behind your vehicle with this simple to fit, reverse camera kit.

Ideal for 12 Volt cars, Utes , Vans , Buses, Motorhomes, Trucks, etc...
This is easily clipped to the internal rear view mirror and stays as a rear view mirror until the reverse gear is engaged. When in reverse a 4.3" display appears in the middle of the mirror to allow you to view if children, adults, pets or objects are in the 'danger' zone. Safer than relying on side mirrors.

These reverse systems have been tried and tested in thousands of applications globally on a wide range of vehicles such as commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, construction machinery, etc..

This features a 4.3", 16:9 anti-glare LCD screen built into a rear view mirror.
Easy to attached to interior rear view mirror
Automatically activates when engaging in reverse gear
Weatherproof reverse camera with 100 degree viewing angle
10 Metre camera cable with cable connectors
Solder free wiring for easy and fast installation which makes it easy for DIY installation, saving you the hassle and expense of professional installation.
Compatible with optional plug and play DVR-100 safety recording system.


Operating Voltage 12 or 24 volt DC
Display Mode 16:9 LCD
Screen Size 4.3"
Horizontal viewing angle 100 degrees
Vertical Viewing angle 170 degrees
Camera Type CCD, colour
Cable length 10 metres
Camera Rating IP67