RVS 550 Monitor & Camera System

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CCM 2699


High end reversing video system with high quality 5" LCD monitor and colour camera.
The WAECO PerfectView M 5L monitor features advanced LED backbround illumination for excellent picture quality, even when temperatures are low. Moreover it has a long service life and consumes little energy.
A practical detail is the Easylink mount, which is ideal when a monitor is used in various vehicles of a fleet or for anti-theft protection. The monitor can be detached with a click and attached again just as quickly. The base is firmly anchored in the dashboard.
The M 5L has two camera inputs with seperate controls and features USB charging port.
The PerfectView CAM 50C colour camera with SONY CCD picture sensor is sturdy and has die-case housing with a sun protection shield. It comes standard with an integrated water microphone encased in an aluminium housing so yu can transmit image and sount to the monitor via the cable. The camera has a wide viewing angle of 120° (diagonal).
To help with visibility at night the camera comes with built-in infrared LEDs.


Monitor M 5L monitor
Dimensions W144 x H145 x D118 mm (incl. mount)
Operating Voltage 12/24 volts DC
Diag.Tube.Dim 5
Resolution 337,000 pixels
Operating Temp -10° C to +60° C
Vibration Resistance 4 g

Camera CAM 50C camera
Dimensions W94 x H62 x D48 mm (incl. mount)
Pic Sensor 1/4 SONY CCD
Lenses 120° diagonal
Hor.Viewing Angle 100°
Vert.Viewing Angle 70°
Resolution 270,000 pixels
Operating Temp -20°C to +65°C
Vibration Resistance 6 g
Warranty 1 year