400 Watt Compact Power Amplifier

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Increase the power and improve the quality of an RVs Audio system.
Super Compact at only 33mm deep
Super efficient with low power consumption
2 Channel, 50W RMS x 2 rated power
RCA Input from the RVs head unit
Easy to install
Supplied with mounting brackets
Suitable for car, rv and boat use
3 year warranty
Why use an amplifier?

The intention of the amp is to increase the power going to the speakers from the head unit. The power output of head units are generally adequate for most applications but if you want a more output, then an amplifier is the way to do it. While most head units put out about 20 Watts RMS per channel, the amplifier produces 50 Watts RMS per channel over twice the power allowing you to increasing the system volume. Good examples of when amplifiers are used are; mounting speakers outside an RV, in outdoor entertainment areas or, where there is a lot of background noise for example wakeboard tower speakers.

Just a note on power output. Many audio components are rated at Peak power, not the continuous "RMS" value. The RMS value is usually five or six times less than peak power.