Whale LPG & Electric Heater - 4KW Underfloor Heater Kit

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This new LPG & 240V Electric powered heater by Whale is mounted underneath the vehicle, maximising space inside.
The Whale 4kW Space Heater is an underfloor gas and electric blown air space heater. Nominal heat input is 2.9kW on gas and 2kW on mains electric. The 4kW Space Heater features a boost setting which varies the heat output depending on the temperature of the vehicle. It continually checks the temperature to establish the best settings to use, and is capable of using 2.9kW gas and up to 1kW electric simultaneously to provide the best available output. The compact design provides versatility in installation locations and it needs only minimal maintenance. The vehicle’s internal temperature is set by a room controller which can be manually adjusted to a wide range of temperature settings or to warm weather ventilation.
Features & Benefits

Lightweight, robust and easy to install
Mounts under the vehicle floor giving more living space inside
Weatherproof galvanised body to withstand harsh external conditions
Reduced depth and more clearance underneath the vehicle
Quick electrical connection
Simple control panel with position stops to prevent accidental adjustment
Built in diagnostics system for easy fault finding
Higher Heat Output for maximum performance!
Electronic temperature control maintains a comfortable living environment
Balances between gas and electric to maintain desired room temperature
New boost setting uses both gas and electric simultaneously for higher heat output
Twin ducting system for more installation options

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Low electric heat - 500W
Medium electric heat - 1000W
High electric heat - 2000W
Boost setting - 2800W gas and up to 1000W electric
Frost protection setting
Gas only - 2800W
Comes Complete With

Control Panel (Requires a wall cutout hole 95mm wide x 42mm high. Cable lenght is 3.5m)
2 X warm air outlets
4m of 60mm ID warm air ducting
750mm of 22mm ID combustion intake/exhaust pipe
Technical Specs

Heater Dimensions (mm): 817L x 306W x 185H
Heating capacity: 3900W
Fuel Type: LPG
Fuel consumption (max): 220 g/h
Weight: 10.9kg
Warranty: 3 year

Mains AC Supply
Nominal voltage: 230V AC
Power options: 500/1000/2000W
Maximum current: 9 Amps

Battery DC Supply
Nominal voltage: 12V
Operating range: 10-15V
Maximum current (gas operation): 1.7 Amps (0.01Amps on standby)
Maximum current (electric operation): 2.2 Amps (0.01Amps on standby)
Maximum current (dual operation): 2.7 Amps

Please Note: All Whale Heaters must be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas fitter in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions.