Shurflo Pressure Regulator Water Filler

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CCM 275


SHURFLO Mains Press Regulator, water inlet, White, USA f-NPT-3/4, has a built in regulator helping to protect water system from high pressure damage.
The Filter screen also prevents dirt and foreign substance buildup, whilst the built in check value, prevents water loss when pump is on. The water enters the inlet via a 3/4'' NPT USA female thread. (A screw on protection cover is also included). The fitting requires a hole of about 85mm diameter, and extends back around 80mm with a male 1/2 BSP thread


Pressure is reduced to a nominal 50 PSI.
Outside diameter approx 100mm, with four external fitted screws to attach to outside wall.
Inlet thread is a Non-standard Australian Thread - Female USA NPT-3/4