eTracer 60A MPPT Controller

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eTracer is an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 3KW. The controller features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV by rapidly finding the solar array peak power point in all the weather condition. The controller provides higher efficiency up to 98% with lower power loss. The die-cast aluminum design ensures excellent heat dispersion.
Features :

#9679; Advanced MPPT algorithm with the max. tracking efficiency of 99.7%

#9679; Peak conversion efficiency 98.7%

#9679; 128*64 dot-matrix LCD intuitively displays

#9679; Four battery type options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User-defined

#9679; Energy statistics recording

#9679; Programmable battery management parameters

#9679; Built-in running data and event logging, max. 15 months

#9679; Log function: work logs and alarm logs are all recorded

#9679; Field upgradable firmware