WAECO PerfectPower CanSize Inverter

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CCM 2694


CanSize Inverter fits in can holders in vehicles. Dont go away without your 240 volt gadgets when you are on the road. The WAECO PerfectPower CanSize Inverter generates 240 volts for low-power consuming appliances from your vehicles 12 volt socket.

Perfectly round, it is the safe inverter option, which fits in the can holder of your vehicle.

The CanSize Inverter featurers thermal overload protection, electronic short circuit protection and automatic low voltage shutdown and earned the 2007 AAAA Trade Show Award for its intelligent technology and shape.


nput voltage: 12V DC (10 to 15 Volts)
Output voltage: 240V AC
Curve: modified sine wave
Output frequency: 50 ± 2 Hz
Full load current input: 15 A
Peak/continuous power: 250/150W
Maximum ambient temperature: 50°C ± 5°C
Weight: 480 g
Dimensions: dia. 66 x L163 mm
Quality features: Thermal overload protection, electronic
short circuit