Waeco My Fridge 15L

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CCM 2698


Here's one for the lover of the perfect design. For others it will awaken the nostalgia of yesteryear. To sum it up in one, MyFridge won't leave you in the cold- even if its task is to keep things cool. The small 'personal refrigerator' does the job at least as well as its bigger counterparts. The difference is it can be taken wherever you need it: in the car, at work, at the beach or even at the footy. Ultra-modern thermoelectrics provide cooling up to 20°C below outside ambient temperature, or if need be, it is able to heat food (up to + 65°C).


Dimensions D361 x W284 x H440 mm
Weight 5.9 kg
Capacity 15 litres
Power 12Volts DC / 240Volts AC
Temperature Range Heating Capacity: +65°C (set point thermostat); Cooling Capacity: Up to 20°C below ambient
Warranty 12 months
Other Insulation:
Solid CFC-free polyurethane foam