TC-21FL 12/24/240v Waeco Cooler/Warmer

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CCM 2659


For use in cars, trucks, boats, camping, BBQ's, poolside or just about anywhere. Runs on a 12 Volt cigarette lighter plug or 240 Volt mains. Light to carry and super tough.
Individual temperature regulation with LED read-out and memory function are all Award-winning features of the TC-FL range.
- Solid polyurethane foam insulation
- TC electronics, 7-stage electronic thermostat with robust soft-touch keypad
- Internal fan is switched off with micro switch when the unit is opened
- Plug straight into mains power or cigarette lighter


Dimensions W303 x H420 x L450 mm
Weight 6 kg approx.
Capacity 21 Litres
Voltage 12/24V DC or 240V AC
Temperature Range Cooling capacity: Up to 30°C below ambient
Warming Capacity: Up to 65°C
Warranty 1 year warranty on everything