Fiamma Accumulator Tank

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CCM 1367


Provides a smooth, surge free flow of water. May be used with most pump systems and may be mounted in any position. It has an internal pressurized diaphragm to provide a smooth, surge-free flow.

The difference between just the pulsation dampener and the accumulator/pulsation dampener is in the way they are made, therefore operate. The pulsation dampener just relies on the water compressing the standard air pressure within the unit - without a diaphragm. The accumulators have the air inside under pressure in the start up stage, so in effect this gives a longer time (more water flow) between stop and start of pump for the same sized unit.
To be used with pumps of 20PSI max.


Has 1/2 BSP thread and also adapters to 12mm hose barb
• Precharged to 0.9 bars (13psi) but can be recharged if required