Valterra 1 1/2 inch / 38mm Grey Waste Valve kitset

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CCM 596


This newly available system features Valterra's patented Bladex slide valve in a compact 1 1/2" (38mm internal diameter) format.
Featuring a sturdy bayonet type fitting system, the valve features a close fitting cap (with restraining strap to avoid misplacement and possible loss) which helps to ensure that the requirements of self containment certification are met in full.

The compact hose is far more flexible than many current systems and easily stores when not in use. Each end of the hose features a bayonet fitting secured by a stainless steel hose clamp for ease of use and longevity of service.

Kit Includes:

Valterra 'Bladex' 1 1/2" Slide Valve
Bayonet Hub Flange (bolts to valve)
Cap & Strap
3 Metre flexible hose (comes with bayonet end fittings)