Eternabond Window Seal 100mm wide

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100mm Wide x 15.2 mtrs long.
Window Seal

Use WindowSeal to seal all windows when installed regardless of surfaces being joined. WindowSeal creates moisture tight, air and vapour barrier.

WindowSeal bonds to a wide range of surfaces including glass, wood, aluminium, vinyl, OSB, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, Tyvek, fiberglass, brick, concrete, masonry, and vitually all construction materials.


Technical Data Application temperature 150° F to -20° F ambient
Bacteria resistance Excellent
Flexibility 1/2" radius at - 20 ° F
Fungal resistance Excellent
Low temperature flexibility Excellent
Peel adhesion 135 oz./in width
Sag rating >200° F
Shelf life Up to 5 years
Temperature flexibilty range -70° F - > 200° F
Total thickness 20 mils
Water absorption Less than.5%
Values are typical performance properties and characteristics based on laboratory testing. This is intended as a guide for comparison purposes and does not constitute a specification or specification range.

Optional Extras

Enternabond Eterna Prime

Optional Extras

Enternabond Eterna Prime

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