Camec Elite Pro 2 Caravan Mover

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Parking, hitching or de-hitching a caravan can be stressful, and costly if you get it wrong! The Camec caravan mover is a economical and effective solution for manoeuvering your caravan. A simple to use remote control engages the rollers and directs the caravan into any position required. Rotate the caravan through 360° degrees. Works on most surfaces in most conditions. Control when going up or downhill, control when hitching, control when unhitching.

Excellent Quality - E-coated and powder coated for corrosion-protection. All mover components are fully protected against water spray, dirt, and oil.

Safe and Reliable - The powerful motor will not allow caravan to roll while being maneuvered on a gradient. 2 way remote control technology provides anti interference ability when there are other electronics transmitting close by. The caravan/trailer will stop automatically if it is out of the range of the remote control or there is malfunction. Isolation switch to prevent accidental use of remote control.

Easy to operate - By simply pressing the button on remote control the rollers will be automatically engage the tyres.

Soft Start - Soft start means no jerky movements. Accurately and safely manoeuver your caravan to towing vehicle. The aluminium rollers are friendly to your tyres.

Very simple to fit and install. Suitable for almost any light duty single axle chassis.
Common Questions

Will the caravan mover fit my caravan?
The mover is suitable for L and U profiled chassis with a chassis thickness between min. 2.8mm and max. 3.5mm. It also comes with L shape chassis adapter plate which will bolt onto NZ/Australian chassis to allow easy installation. The ground clearance from the bottom of the chassis must be a minimum of 165mm. Please see installation manual in the 'Downloads' tab.

Where is the best location for the mover?
The best location is in front of the axle. However if this is not possible it is usually possible to fit behind the axle.

Does it fit on a caravan with shock absorbers?


Operational Voltage: 12V
Average Current Draw: 30 Amps
Maximum Current Draw: 120 Amps
Speed: 11cm per sec.
Weight: 33kg
Minimum Width (caravan/trailer): 1800mm
Maximum Width (caravan/trailer): 2500mm
Maximum Tyre width: 205mm
Safe Working Load: 2000Kg reducing to 1750Kg on a 18% gradient (or with 4 movers for tandem axle, 300kg reducing to 2350kg on a 18% gradient)
2 year warranty