Adjustable Steel Roof Rail to 275cm

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CCM 5983


Adjustable Steel Roof Rail 275cm
Galvanised Tube
Min Length 155cm
Max Length 275cm 9 foot
dia 19 - 22mm

Adjustable roof rails are designed to mount off the side of a caravan to provide a frame work and support for an annexe or awning, much like roof rafters on a house.

The flattened right angle end piece slots into a roof rail support bracket that can attach to the outside wall of a caravan. The opposite end slides out to fit over a tent pole spigot, at the outer annexe edge.

The two piece roof rails are made with an inner length of tube that slides inside a slightly larger outer tube and tightens with a simple tee nut.

The three piece roof rails are the same and have an extension piece joined by a swage joint.

The steel tube is hot dipped galvanised.

Optional Extras

Caravan Roof Rail Bracket

Optional Extras

Caravan Roof Rail Bracket

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