LPG Gas Detector w Exterior Sensor & Solenoid Valve Contr

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LPG Gas Detector with Exterior Sensor & Solenoid Valve Control. BEP 600-GDL
The 600-GDL gas detector by BEP controls up to 2 exterior sensors which detect LPG, petrol and CNC fumes. It will also control a gas solenoid valve and automatically shut off the gas supply if fumes are detected.
Visual and audible alarms.
A test mode checks operation of sensors with indicators for fault detection.
Self testing capability
Microprocessor control
Provision for external alarm
Provision for bilge blower
Dual sensor capability
One sensor supplied - with a 5m cable
Automatic shut-off solenoid control with pulse and hold circuit for low power draw


Power supply: 10-32V
Alarm sensitivity: 20% LEL (lower explosive limit)
Current draw with 2 sensors: 350mA (max)
Dimensions (mm) 88W x 17D x 66.5H
Warranty 1 year
Optional BEP Gas Solenoid Valve

Nominal solenoid voltage: 12V
Gas outlet: 3/8" BSP
Gas inlet: POL Thread
Current draw: pulse 700mA, hold at 250mA
Regulator flow Rate: 3kPA