Atwood Protechtor LP Gas Detector

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CCM 3713


Atwoods Gas alarms provide protection from the dangers of harmful gas protecting you and your family. A must for every RV, motorhome, campervan and caravan.

The Atwood LP Dector operates in seven separate modes:

Power Off Mode: Visually indicates sufficient and insufficient power. LED and button will not function in this mode
Normal Stand By Mode: Green LED indicates that gas concentration is continuously monitored at a safe level. Test button will be active
Alarm Mode: Red LED indicates that gas concentration has reached unsafe levels. The audible alarm activates. Press Test button to reset. Indicator returns to Green when LP concentrations have been removed.
Test Mode: When testing the LED indicator is Red and the audible alarm sounds for 10 seconds.
Silence Stabilisation Mode: LED indicator flashes Red for 3 minutes after power-up or after the Detector is reset. If gas concentrations remain high, the alarm will reactivate.
Fault Mode: Yellow LED with alarm chirping every 30 seconds indicates a fault has been detected that compromises function. Press Test button to reset. If fault persists replace Detector to ensure safety.
End of Life Mode: After 7 years+/- 128 days of continuous operation, a flashing Yellow LED with alarm chirping every 30 seconds indicates the sensor is no longer reliable and mustbe replaced. Once end-of-life mode is permanent, the alarm can not be reset.

ETL Listed and tested to UL 1484 for residential and RV use

Available I 12-vot DC or 120-volt AC power configurations

Mounting kits included for both surface and flush mount applications

Optional adapter mount ring allows detector to fit the 3-7/8" x 3-1/8" cutout from the last generation of flush mount Atwood LP detectors.