GENUINE Diesel Heater Eberspacher D2 Motorhome kit

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D2 Heater 12VOLT - FULL RV kit
The Eberspächer Airtronic 2.2kw diesel air heater offers cosy warmth in your vehicle during the day and night, at every stage of your journey. It is a compact and economical heater, providing optimised fuel efficiency which will save you power and money. You can easily programme the heater to deliver hot blown air until the desired temperature is achieved. Featuring an EasyStart Pro controller, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards.
Heater Benefits

Smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature pre-set facility.
New EasyStart Pro Controller
Longer Service life thanks to NEW brushless motor technology
Fuel pump and heater noise optimized ensuring quieter operation
Stepless heating system provides continuous variable heat output
Continuous temperature monitoring and can be operated whilst on the move.
Built in 'H-Kit' technology allows the heater to automatically adjust to higher altitudes.
Fully electronic microprocessor control.
Diagnostic system for easy fault finding.
Low fuel and power consumption.
Small and compact design for easy and space saving installation within the interior.
Fuel supplied from the vehicle’s own tank (diesel powered vehicles only).
Fan function for cool air circulation on hot days.
The smart "EasyStart Pro Controller" controller Features

The permanently installed EasyStart Pro control unit allows your to connect operate two separate heaters or two identical heaters. Featuring a intuitive navigation knob, intergrated temperature sensor, timer function and a display and LED colour ring, this controller is easy to use. Additionally, it also features an Easy-to-read system status display, with simple diagnostics function in text form for users.
Eberspacher Premium Installation Kit

Factory assembled components for easy "Plug and Play" installation. The kit premium kit includes;

EasyStart Pro controller
Cool-air intake vent
Warm-air outlet vent
2m of 60mm ID ducting
Floor mounting bracket
Fuel Standpipe or Fuel Pickup of your choice. Please see image showing pickup options
8m fuel line
Stainless exhaust pipe & muffler
combustion intake pipe
Bag of mounting hardware

Voucher can be redeemed at after the purchase of an Eberspacher RV heater.

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Weight 2.7kg
Dimensions (mm) 305L x 115W x 122H
Warranty 2 year
Voltage 12V or 24V
Heating capacity 2200W
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel consumption (max) 0.28L/h
Power consumption (max) 34W

Optional Extras

12L Diesel Fuel Tank

Optional Extras

12L Diesel Fuel Tank

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