Camec Caravan Cover 4.8m-5.4m (16ft-18ft)

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CCM 962


The Camec Caravan Covers provides an all-in-one cover, offering quality, protection and practicality. Lightweight and easy to use, these covers are designed to protect your caravan from harsh conditions including acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap, bird droppings, dust and weather damage.

This cover is high quality and includes front and rear nylon straps and reinforced eyelets so the cover can be securely fastened. Compromised from two fabrics, the cover includes a water-resistant roof section for maximum protection, weather resistant breathable side panels which allows the cover to breathe and moisture to evaporate resisting rot and mildew, ventilation flaps and a heavy duty reinforced skirt with an elasticized hem front and rear providing a strong guard against damage from sharp objects.

300D water resistant UV 50+ roof section
Water resistant breathable side panel
Reinforced skirt with dual nylon clip
Double stitched reinforced corners
Ventilation flaps
Soft non-abrasive lining
3-year warranty
To work out the size of the cover, measure the total length of the caravan from the longest point (exclude rear bumper or wheel). Sides are adjustable to fit snugly around the shape of the caravan.

Length: 4.8m-5.4m (16ft-18ft) with angled taper for front face
Width: 2.65m
Height: 2.4m
Measuring your cover

Unfortunately, we aren't able to suggest a cover size based on the 'Make & Model' of the caravan. The most accurate way to size a cover is by measuring the longest length of the caravan body. This cover is designed for Australian shaped caravans with an angled front face (ie. longer at the bottom and shorter at the top). This will not fit older style NZ-built caravan which have a more vertical front face.
Advice on Care and Fitting

We advise that you offer your cover protection against sharp points on your vehicle. This includes studs, mirrors and aerials. Bird droppings contain acid and will rot any material or paintwork if you do not remove it. Hose down your cover regularly with clean water to remove any soiling. Do not use washing powder or detergent on your cover.