Caravan & Motorhome Electrics

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CCM 4308


A totally rewritten edition Motorhome Electrics (now Caravan & Motorhome Electrics) is available. The content now also covers every aspect of designing, installing and fault finding of the electrics in fifth wheel and conventional caravans and camper trailers.

The book explains how things work, and what they do (not what vendors claim they do). It shows how to dramatically improve charging performance, successfully install solar, and reduce energy draw of electric (especially) three-way fridges.

Essentially it provides solutions proven to work, not suggestions that may work.

The author shows how planned changes in late-2013 - to fully voltage controlled alternators - will necessitate dc-dc alternator charging. And that, post 2016, regulations are likely to limit or even preclude alternator charging with new vehicles.

It covers the solutions in depth: i.e. solar, plus fuel cells 24/7 power generation (light and compact yet silent and non-polluting (and now existing in LPG form), needing only a small battery for peak loads.

As with all Collyns books, the content is thoroughly researched, technically accurate, yet in plain English, plus explanatory illustrations, many of the authors own vehicles.
The authors background includes automobile research, electronics and large scale magazine publishing (including founding the worlds largest electronics magazine). He was technical editor of Australias The Bulletin magazine in the 1980s and has supplied Tech Notes to The Wanderer for a now 14 years.