Coast Quick Fit Pro Bike Rack

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CCM 6356


The new Quick Fit Bike Racks have been design to make it easier than ever to transport your bikes with you on your adventures!

Because of the patented quick connector, all the Quick Fit bike racks are extremely easy and quick to fit onto (almost) any vehicle tow bar, and due to the inspired tilt mechanism the Quick Fit bike racks do not have to be removed to access your car boot or your van doors.

Unlike other bike racks, you do not have to struggle lifting your bike high to get it onto the rack. And if you do not want to lift your bikes at all you can purchase the Assist Ramp that allows you to roll the bike onto the rack.
Safe and reliable, this bike carrier will transport 2 bicycles, which includes e-bikes, with any wheel dimension

These ramps are suitable for Quick Fit Bike Carriers and are easy to fold up and store. By placing a pin in the bike carrier's wheel holder, you can attach the ride-on ramp firmly and manoeuvre the bikes on and off easily. Please ensure you pick the right ramp for your bike carrier.

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Can fit up to 2 bicycles

Tiltable: Yes

Foldable: No

Weight approx: 17 kg

Maximum load: 60 kg

Dimensions Open (cm): 115(w) x 65(h) x 56(d)

Dimensions Folded (cm): 31(w) x 65(h) x 56(d)

Bicycle frame diameter: Ø 22 - 75 mm*

Wheel base bicycle max: 1300 mm

Bicycle tyre width max: 50 mm

Wheel holder distance approx: 200 mm

Colour: Silver

Material: Coated Steel

Connects to your lighting via a 7 plug

Immediate usable from the carton.

The bicycles are held in wide, plastic wheel holders

Mounts the bikes with the frame, so there is no force on the pedals of the bicycle

Flexible lockable and removable Quick Fit frame holders

The bicycles are held in wide, stable aluminium wheel holders

Flexible lockable and removable Quick Fit frame holders

The bike carrier can be secured with the lock on quick connector

* The maximum dimensions for any vehicle, including its load, are 2.5m in width and 4.3m in height. A vehicle fitted with a bicycle carrier, along with any bicycles must not exceed these limits. Rear-mounted bicycle carriers must also comply with rear overhang limits. Any rear overhang on a vehicle must not exceed 60% of the wheelbase or 3.7m, whichever is less.