3.2m Fiamma Caravanstore Bag Awning

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3.2m Caravanstore Awning

The Fiamma Caravanstore caravan awning is the original bag awning built especially for caravans. Its clever design benefits the user in several ways. Firstly the awning does not require storage space inside the caravan, it travels attached to the awning rail. When in storage the Fiamma Caravanstore lives comfortably inside the Polar White vinyl bag with self-lubricating YKK Zips.

The Fiamma Caravanstore is very well built and provides a robust and stable shelter from the sun and rain. Despite its strengths it is important to respect the weather and pay attention to the ambient conditions to avoid unnecessarily damage to your Caravanstore. Another advantage of the Fiamma Caravanstore is its light weight and small dimensions. When closed its waterproof bag is just 140mm high x 70mm deep. This makes the Carvanstore exceptionally easy to use and very quick to set-up and pack away. With very little practice you can expect to have the Caravanstore set-up, pegged out and tweaked to perfection in around 2-3 minutes!

The Caravanstore's clever design depends largely on the large, Round-Framed aluminium Roller-Tube. Firstly the telescopic supporting legs and the arms of the Caravanstore are stored inside the Roller-Tube when not in use, reducing the overall pack size. When setting up the Caravanstore these supports articulate (via a clever joint system) and slide inside the Roller-Tube. The wide roller tube also ensures the canopy fabric remains perfect and wrinkle-free, even after long periods in storage.

The legs of the Fiamma Caravanstore can be fixed to the ground or directly against the caravan using the wall brackets supplied.
Canopy Fabric

Deluxe Grey colour
No seams allows high resistance to water and tearing.
High UV resistance to fading in the sun.
Rot proof, waterproof and washable vinyl.
Can be rewound when damp.
Flame retardant.

Bag awnings must be installed onto a straight section of aluminium awning track.


Canopy extension 2.25m
Awning length 3.18m
Canopy length 2.84m
Surface area of fabric 6.4m
Weight 10.2kg