2.6m Fiamma F45S Awning. Wall mounted

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Fiamma F45 series caravan and motorhome awnings are fast to set up, user-friendly, and silent during opening/closing. Supplied as a kit with brackets for the awning and legs.

With the Fiamma awning you can double the living space of your motorhome or caravan in less than one minute. On hot days it offers a cool and covered open space outside which lowers the temperature inside. During rainy weather you can keep windows and doors open for air circulation. Wet gear can be taken off outside your campervan in order to avoid bringing dirt inside the vehicle. Fiamma awnings are elegant and user friendly.
New features found on the F45s:

Drip control drainage to channel rain water away
Reinforced leg knuckle
Aluminium end caps offer more durability
More compact design
Other features:

Secure locking. Thanks to the telescoping awning leg system with manual locking, accidental collapses are avoided.
Sturdy reinforced arms with twin cable. Even with its compact size, the arms maintain a fabric tension of up to 32 kg.
Dual lock system when awning is closed.
Awning opens and closes smoothly and silently.
Dual Shock-Absorber protects both the awning and the vehicle.


Canopy extension 2.0m
Awning length 2.63m
Canopy length 2.47m
Surface area of fabric 4.9sqm
Weight 19.5 kg
Warranty 1 year
Colour Royal Blue or Royal Grey