Autoterm Diesel 2D Air Heater Kit

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CCM 6442


AUTOTERM Air 2D is the most compact diesel-powered air heater from Air series.

The heater unit uses fresh air from outside or from a well-ventilated room, then heats it up quickly, thus providing comfort and warmth in low temperature environments.

The heater’s maximum power output is 2 kW and it is capable to produce up to 86 m3 of hot air flow hourly, and maintain your desired temperature.

Already reasonably priced, the AUTOTERM Air 2D maintains its low cost further due to its excellent fuel economy (even at maximum power), consuming only 0.24 litres of diesel fuel per hour.

All AUTOTERM Air series heaters are equipped with brushless induction motors that ensure low noise levels as well as a long lifetime for the device and the capability to operate in extreme environments and temperatures as low as -45°C/-49°F.

AUTOTERM Air heaters can be controlled with various control panels - standard Autoterm OLED Control Panel included in this kit (Autoterm Comfort Control Panel available as an optional extra)

This is a great product for those who need to additionally heat small truck cabins, commercial vehicle cabins and cargo compartments, small campers, off-highway vehicles or boats of up to 33 ft/10 m.

Complete with:

Autoterm OLED Control Panel
Autoterm Mounting Plates For 2D & 4D

See picture to view what is in the kit


Technical characteristics
High Low
Heating medium
Heating power
2.0 kW
Heated air volume
86 m3/h
Power consumption
29 W
Max. work altitude (MASL)
1600 m (standard control unit)
Fuel consumption
0.24 l/h
Control mode
Compatible control panels
PU-5, PU-10, PU-22, PU-27, Comfort Control
Weight of the heater
2.9 kg