BioLite FlexLight

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CCM 5306


Helpful light with the tap of a finger.
Great for the Motorhome, Caravan, Boat, Car or Home
The FlexLight is a portable, pliable USB gooseneck for quick, controlled light.
Whether it's lighting a cooking surface or brightening your workspace or Reading the FlexLight is a fast and easy way to provide functional task lighting.

Tap On/Off/Dim: Turn lights on with the tap of a finger. Press and hold to dim easily to desired levels.

Flexible Neck: Spotlight a variety of tasks without having to move your power source

USB-Friendly: Works with any USB Port
Low Draw: Requiring very little power, a great light for power outages


Length: 40.64cm

Weight: 51.03g

Lumens: 100 Lm

USB: 1.25 watts (5V, 0.25A)