Thermarest Mondo King 3D - Large

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CCM 6273



Are you always on the lookout for something bigger and better? Your ship has arrived with the MondoKing 3D. Simply put, the MondoKing 3D is the biggest Therm-a-Rest mattress ever. Vertical sidewalls create 20% more usable sleep surface so you have room to sleep like starfish. Dual valves allow compressible foam core to expand and inflate quickly when unpacked. A new and improved stuff sack with easy-carry handle is also included.

Comfort: 4 in (10 cm) of stabilized loft provides the comfort of home anywhere.
20% More Sleep Surface: Vertical sidewalls maximize useable sleep surface.
Incredibly Warm: Foam core delivers all-season warmth to assure a great night's rest anytime.
Self-Inflating: Dual valves allow compressible foam core to expand/inflate when unpacked; just a few breaths top it off to your ideal firmness.
Mateable: Mates perfectly with another 3D mattress.


Color: Blue depths
R-Value: 11.4
Weight: 2.5kg
Width: 63 cm
Length: 196 cm
Thickness: 10 cm
Packed dimension: 18 x 66cm
Top fabric type: 75d Reverse diamond
Bottom fabric type: 75d Polyester
Foam type: Urethane foam