Slide Rail with "T" Nut H/Tensile Tube to 122cm

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CCM `1905


Adjustable Slide Rail with Tee Nut Fitting High Tensile Tube
Min Height 78cm
Max Height 122cm 4 foot
Dia 19 - 22mm

Adjustable steel slide rails are designed to fit between the tops of two tent poles to brace and give structural strength to applications such as tarpaulins, caravan annexes and awnings.

The flattened slide rail ends have a drilled hole, so that they can easily fit over a tent pole spigot.

The slide rails form a frame work perimeter edge to better house a tarpaulin or caravan annexe /awning.

Adjustable steel slide rails will prevent annexes or tarpaulins from sagging, especially over areas such as door ways.

They are hot dipped galvanised for lasting protection.