Blue Steel Paella Pan 32cm

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CCM 1452


Paella. The national dish of Spain, and one that is packed full of flavours textures and ingredients.

Its now even easier to make with the Blue Steel Paella Pan. This unique pan uses blue steel construction that offers excellent heat conduction whilst withstanding higher temperatures to allow for even longer preheating. Its even suitable for use on induction.

What?s even better is the hardwearing nature of the surface, which is easy to season and in effect, creates a pan with its own non-stick properties. But because of the high density construction, the pan does not retain odours, meaning fresh and fragrant meals every time.

All of this flexibility from one simple material choice. Its not a complicated decision with the Blue Steel Paella Pan.
For use with any hot dish you want to make !!! whether ite be a Paella or Curry or a good old Stew


Dimensions: 32 x 5.3cm (Dia. X H)
1.5 ? 2mm blue steel construction offer excellent heat conduction
Withstands higher temperatures to allow for longer preheating
Hard wearing and easy to season to attain its own non-stick properties
High density metal construction does not retain odours
Metal utensil safe
Suitable for all cooktops including induction
Hand wash recommended