Tent Camping Power Cord 15 Metres

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CCM 762


RCD safety switch with 15 metre power cord camping type plug. Protects against the risk of electrocution.

The Inline RCD protects you against a fatal electric shock when operating electrical appliances.

The Safety Switch is an electronic sensing device that constantly monitors the balance of electrical current flow within the plugged in appliance. Should your body contact a live part of the appliance, an imbalance is sensed by the safety switch and the power supply is automatically switched off. The shut off takes place within 30 milliseconds to minimise the effect that an electric shock can cause.


Easy to test
Unit only becomes operational after the reset button is pressed
Recommended for domestic and light commercial use
Complete with 15 metre heavy duty 3C 1.5mm2 power cord
Complete with camping type plug
Plugs into a standard 240 volt wall socket
Suitable for operation in campsites or where camping type plugs are present
Suitable for most portable electrical appliances and power tools
Complies with Australia and New Zealand safety standards
12 month Guarantee